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Wood Properties


Common name : Rubberwood
Local name : Karet
Wood colour : Light brown with dark red veins. Numerous resin canals.

The rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis) is indigenous to the Amazon forests of Brazil. The mature trees in its native habitat are about 25-30 metres tall with average girth of greater than 1 metre at breast height.
Rubber plantations have existed for hundred of years in tropical countries. These plantations have been used mainly for the production of latex. The tapping of latex begins at about year 6 and is continued up to about 25 years after planting. After the economic life of the rubber tree, which is generally 25-30 years, the latex production become uneconomical , and should be replanted. The planters then fell the rubber trees and plant new ones. This eco-friendly rubberwood is an excellent timber to use for furniture and components.

Rubber Wood

Merkusii Pinewood

Common name : Pinus Merkusii
Local name : Tusam
Wood colour : Light brown with dark red veins. Numerous resin canals.

This species can be found at altitudes between 150 m and 650 m. Usually found at the south earth.
A tree, 30-50 (70) m tall with and open crown and level to upcurved branches, the crown changing from conical to rounded as the tree ages. Planted trees are tapped for resin. At year 10 the resin can be yield. The crude resin is almost entirely used for the distillation of Oil of Turpentine and Rosin. Oil of Turpentine is a good solvent for many resins, waxs, fats, caoutchouc, sulphur, and phosphorus, and is largely employed in making varnish, in oil-painting, etc. Usually the economic life of the pinewood is 20-25 years and should be replanted. Because of environmentally-friendly process, merkusii pine become the most important general timbers that have been used extensively in the production of furniture and components.

Merkusii Pinewood


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